Celine Dion’s Friends Allegedly Terrified About Singer’s Health Over Tour Cancellation And ‘Grueling Schedule’


It is Celine DionWhat is the point of Dion’s intense work schedule if it causes her to worry about her loved ones? One tabloid claims Dion’s choice to cancel her tour is sending up red flags for her health. Here’s what we know about Dion’s shocking decision.

Celine Dion Worsens Her ‘Health Crisis’?

This week Us Weekly reports Celine Dion’s recent health struggles are a result of her grueling work schedule. The “My Heart Will Go On” songstress recently announced that she wouldn’t be continuing her North American CourageDue to her ongoing battle with health, she decided not to tour. Reports revealed that she was suffering from chronic health problems and had to postpone the tour. “severe and persistent muscle spasms,” and it seems her condition hasn’t improved.

But sources say her health continues to degrade because she’s pushing herself too hard. “She’d greatly benefit from treating her body better,”An insider’s guide to cooking. “She likes to perform at the highest level, and her grueling schedule would take a toll on anyone — she’s strong, but not superhuman.”

Celine Dion’s Work Schedule Taking A Major Toll?

We can’t pretend to know the intimate details of Celine Dion’s health battle. We don’t believe Dion is acting in a harmful way. It is clear that Dion knows when to take care of her health and decided to cancel her tour rather than performing. Dion said in her announcement that she had written: “I was really hoping that I’d be good to go by now, but I suppose I just have to be more patient and follow the regimen that my doctors are prescribing.” Clearly, Dion isn’t pushing herself any harder than she needs to.

The Tabloids On Celine Dion’s Health

This is far from the first time we’ve heard this story. Dion’s health has been a hot topic in the tabloids for some time now. Last year, Woman’s Day After losing dangerous amounts of weight, Dion was allegedly on the verge of death. According to her, she was “overworked and undernourished,” an insider divulged. “She’s pushing herself to extremes in the studio and rehearsals. She always puts herself last.” Read more about Dion’s alleged weight crisis here.

Then, National Enquirer After losing 95 pounds, Dion planned her own funeral. “Celine’s drastic weight loss has been a source of concern. She’s been working herself to the bone for months, rehearsing for her return to the stage, but her body couldn’t take it,”One tipper confessed. “She’s totally exhausted, mentally drained, and anxiety-ridden. She’s talking like she fears the end is near.”Here’s a closer look at the story.

More recently, Star The singer claimed that he was “overwhelmed by stress” and couldn’t handle touring without her late husband, René Angelil. “René set up her previous Vegas residency that ended in 2019,”Explained: A snitch. “It’s been really daunting for her to go out on her own and launch a new show without his guiding hand.”Learn how Dion actually dealt with her loss.

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