Cell Phone falls from Amusement Park Ride and smashes into Teen’s Head


Oklahoma’s teenager was lucky to survive after a terrible experience at a fair.

Rebecca Gillespie was waiting for a ride at Oklahoma State fair when a phone fell from the sky and struck her head. The phone had plummeted from a ride at an estimated 45 miles per hour smashing into Gillespie’s forehead.

The 18-year-old didn’t know what was happening to her.

“At first I didn’t, until I looked down and saw the phone on the ground,”She spoke to Inside Edition.

Gillespie was confused, dazed and bleeding.

“I did get very dizzy on the spot, and I had to hold onto a rail, and I saw a bunch of black spots in my eye,”She spoke.

Gillespie was treated by an in-the-moment nurse, who then rushed her to the hospital.

“Doctors say she had traumatic brain injury and her body just shut down,” Gillespie’s mother said.

Many amusement park visitors love taking selfies as they thrill on rides. But, at many amusement parks (including the Oklahoma State fair where Gillespie was injures), there are signs that state no phones allowed on rides.

Unfortunately, many people fail to see the signs. You can see it in the videos that show phones flying off of rides.

“For people who take phones on rides when it says not to this is what happens to someone on the ground when you drop it,”Gillespie wrote on Facebook. “I did have to go to hospital and I’m doing okay. Just PLEASE don’t take phones on those rides!”

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