Chad Michael Murray: How He Keeps Christian Faith in Hollywood


It might seem difficult to keep your faith while working in Hollywood, but it is not. According to Chad Michael Murray, it’s all about doing things that you believe in and not backing down from those beliefs. 

Murray: ‘I Don’t Want To Step In Something That I Don’t Believe In’

“I stick to the things I believe in,” Murray spoke Fox News. “Let’s just say a piece of material were to come across my desk, which has happened plenty of times over the last 22 years, that I don’t necessarily feel is what I believe or what I’m selling — then that’s not for me.”

“I don’t want to step in something that I don’t believe in any way because it’s going to destroy it for everybody else involved,”The actor continued. “If you don’t fully love and embrace the character that you are inhabiting, it will show on screen. I always want to give the people that I’m working with and the people who are going to watch the movie, the most of me.”

Murray spoke also about how he maintains his faith every day. “that spiritual armor on”By reading the Bible every morning and practicing devotionals. “I feel stronger and safer walking onto my sets every day knowing that I have God with me every day. Jesus is there with me every day,”He elaborated. “When you have that comfort that you just feel safe, you feel different, you feel the opportunity to handle more, your shoulders are bigger, you can carry more weight.”

The Actor’s Commitment To Keeping His Family Together

His Christian faith isn’t the only thing keeping him grounded. Murray shared his belief that it was important for him to keep his family close. “My family and I, for instance, we don’t split up the pack,”The actor explained. “We go everywhere. My kids, my wife, they go everywhere we go. So, I’m on set chilling with Bruce Willis in Puerto Rico—they’re there. Although, they’re on the beach, very different.”

“We keep the pack together,” Murray continued. “We have a very traditional home life. We’re not people who are typically out and going out. I’m not a good hobnobber. It’s not my strong suit. I’ve gotta be honest. I’m more of a homebody.”

Murray has been appearing on TV screens since the 2000s. He plays roles in shows such as Gilmore Girls, Dawson’s CreekAnd One Tree Hill. He also stars in movies such as Freaky Friday And A Cinderella Story. With such a long-lived and successful career, it looks like Murray’s devotion to this faith and his family have helped him stay grounded and grateful for his career. 

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