Champagne Glass Attack Leaves A Harry Potter Looking Scar On Woman’s Forehead


Mum-of-two Lindsay Morgan drunkenly assaulted a woman then kicked a police officer in the shin and spat on him three times as she was arrested for the attack.

A teaching assistant was left with a Harry Potter-style forehead scar after she was attacked by a woman armed with a champagne flute.

The woman was enjoying a night out at the Arden Inn in Accrington, Lancs, when set upon suddenly by a drunken Lindsay Morgan.

Burnley Crown Court heard Morgan, 38, and the victim only vaguely knew each other but were both out at the same pub earlier this year.

Drunk Morgan shocked the victim and her male friend by leaning in and kissing them – then twice smashed the glass over her head.

The teacher victim now has a nasty forehead mark which upsettingly her pupils have said resembles a “Harry Potter scar”.

Mother-of-two Morgan admitted common assault and assault of an emergency worker and was convicted of wounding with intent.

Jailing her for three years, Judge Andrew Jefferies QC said sentencing apologetic Morgan “gave him no pleasure at all as a judge”.

He said: “Everything I saw about you – other than the commission of this offence – leads me to believe you have been of more than good character.

“In one 20 second period of momentary loss of control and anger, you punched your victim while holding a glass, causing a nasty scar to her forehead.

“The other sad feature of this case is that you have two children who somebody is going to have to explain to at some point where mummy is.

“On the other side of the coin there is a wholly innocent woman.”

Explaining the build up to the attack prosecutor Clare Thomas said she staggered up to the victim while “drinking from a fluted glass, swaying.”

Ms Thomas added: “They parted ways but then the defendant re-approached the victim while there was also a male there.

“At one point the defendant leant in and kissed the male and also the victim.

“The male stood between them and then the Morgan grabbed the victim by the hair, pulling her downwards.

“She had a glass in her hand which struck the woman with not once but twice before dragging her along the floor and being aggressive to her.”

The court heard how Morgan, of Hapton, Lancs, was dragged away while her victim was being given treatment.

But Morgan soon made her way back over to them, biting the third woman as she tried to help her bloodied female victim.

After being arrested by Lancashire Police wand handcuffed, Morgan continued being aggressive.

Ms Thomas added that she later “kicked a PC to the shin” and spat “on him three times.”

The unnamed terrified victim said that she is scared to leave her home out of fear of bumping into Morgan and now works in a school.

But Ms Thomas added: “The children always ask about how she got the scar. She said it makes her feel self-conscious.

“One child called it a Harry Potter scar and that upset her.”

Anna Chestnutt, defending, said Morgan “is utterly horrified to have caused this injury”.

Ms Chestnutt added: “She had post-natal depression following the birth of her second child and she hadn’t got to grips with that.

“Further still she has deep-rooted childhood trauma which she had not dealt with when the offence was committed.

“Since undertaking counselling she has finally started to wade through that darkness. She is managing much better.”

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