Channel 4 Grand Designs goes emotional when a guest’s father dies


After the death of a homeowner’s dad, Grand Designs was a moving viewing experience on Saturday afternoon.

Nina and Dan had hoped to build a large, eco-friendly home for their family in Chichester, West Sussex. However, they encountered many difficulties along the way.

Dan, a father-of-two, worked tirelessly to build the new home. He wanted his dad to be able to see it.

However, Dan’s father died in the construction phase after he lost his battle with leukemia.

Dan spoke out about the death of his father. “He was so proud of me for what I was doing,”He continued explaining, adding: “But I just got to push forward and do the project really well.”

This wasn’t the only issue Dan and Nina had to face during their journey to build their house.

They also had financial problems after realizing they couldn’t afford to buy materials for their home.

Nina and Dan had intended to sell their London home to finance their new home, but the buyers who were supposed to buy their London home failed to make an offer.

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