Channing Tatum Claims to Have Told An Actor ‘Hands Off’ Zoe Kravitz


Is it? Channing TatumBeing territorial over his girlfriend Zoe Kravitz? One tabloid claims to have the Magic Mike actor isn’t happy about Kravitz’s bond with another actor. Let’s check up on The Batman star’s new relationship.

Channing Tatum Says ‘Hands Off Zoe’?

This week Woman’s Day reports Channing Tatum wasn’t thrilled to witness Zoe Kravitz’s steamy chemistry with her The Batman co-star Robert Pattinson. The internet has been heating up with Kravitz and Pattinson’s promotional pictures, and sources say all of the attention is getting to Tatum. “Zoe and Rob’s photos are off-the-charts sexy and Channing’s feeling unnerved by it all,”An insider’s guide to cooking.

“But the worst part of it all is it’s only the start. Zoe and Rob are already in talks to do a sequel and regardless of who Rob’s dating now, everyone knows how close he gets to his leading ladies, especially in multimillion-dollar franchise movies.”According to sources, Tatum still considers Pattinson a threat despite her being with Suki Waterhouse. “Channing couldn’t care less about Rob’s love-life unless it starts affecting his,”The tipster is trustworthy. “He trusts Zoe, but not so much Rob, supermodel girlfriend or not.”

Tatum ‘Puffed Up’ Over Pattinson?

This is a lot of drama over a couple that hasn’t even confirmed their relationship. While the internet has widely accepted Tatum and Kravitz as a couple, the actors haven’t officially spoken on the matter. We doubt that such a private couple is sharing jealousy stories with this tabloid. Besides, Tatum hasn’t seemed bothered by the film. In fact, he attended the premiere with Kravitz’s stepdad, Jason Momoa.

Although the tabloid dismisses Suki Waterhouse as a fling, Pattinson has been serious with her for some time. Pattinson even shared an adorable story about it. How Waterhouse helped him boost his confidenceAbout his role in The Batman. “I’m pretty sure she’s not normally into watching superhero movies,”He spoke to Jimmy Kimmel regarding Waterhouse. “And just seeing that it was capturing her attention the entire time, and then she held my hand and touched it [to her face] and I could feel a little tear. And I was like, ‘No way!””

So, we’re sure Pattinson and Waterhouse wouldn’t appreciate this story either since it frames Pattinson as unable to control himself around his female co-stars. And since the only on-set romance we’ve ever known Pattinson to engage in was with Kristen Stewart in 2009, it’s safe to say this is a horribly inaccurate portrait of that actor. While fans are eating up Pattinson and Kravtiz’s onscreen chemistry, off-screen, Pattinson is clearly spoken for.

The Tabloid Has More Jealousy Rubbish

Of course, Channing Tatum isn’t the first actor Woman’s Day The outlet claims that he was a jealous tantrum-piling actor. Earlier this year, the outlet reported Ben Affleck warned Jennifer Lopez’s co-star to “stay away”From her. The tabloid then reported that Bruce Willis wanted Ashton Kutcher to stay away from Demi Moor. And more recently, the publication alleged Jessica Alba’s husband was furious about her bond with another actor. Clearly, Woman’s Day He is determined to accuse all male celebrities of possessive behavior.

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