Chaos erupts at LA 7-Eleven, as Dozens Ransack Convenience Shop: Cops


Los Angeles Police are asking the public for help to identify dozens of people caught on video raiding a 7-11. 

Police estimate that more than 100 people were involved in the late-night incident. The clerk was left watching helplessly as the mob entered the store. 

Surveillance footage shows brazen thieves grabbing anything and everything they can see, even food.

According to the LAPD, the group was taking part in what is being called an “anonymous” activity. “illegal street takeover,”motorists had filled the intersection with their vehicles to stop traffic. The thieves went one step further and took over the convenience store.

One man was seen throwing bananas at the hiding clerk. One man jumped the counter to throw cigarettes at the crowd. 

A third group tried to rob the cash register and took as many lottery tickets possible.

The stolen items were quickly taken by the group and they ran out of store before police arrived.

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