Charli & Dixie D’Amelio Do Battle in Charli vs. Dixie Trailer


There is nothing better than sibling rivalry. 

Here’s a special look at the Charli vs. Dixie Season two trailer, available on Snapchat, sisters, Nov. 5. Charli Dixie D’Amelio face off in a series of challenges with the ultimate family bragging rights on the line. 

Charli, 18, and Dixie 21, battle it out in everything, from cooking competitions to potato-sack races to tests their dog grooming skills, judged by TikTok. Larray.

The All Elite Wrestling tag team champions helped the sisters get into the professional wrestling arena. The Acclaimed You can’t go wrong with a little squared-circle aggression to get your frustrations out. 

Celebrities friends also make appearances in the season, such as Lance BassRaven-Symoné RuPaul’s Drag Racestars Morgan McMichaels Mayhem Miller.

Naturally, trash talk increases as competition heats up. 

Dixie, Charli, and Dixie are in a potato bag race. “The orange team is cheaters,”Charli retorches, “Planning isn’t cheating, babe.”

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