Charlie Hunnam’s first TV show since ‘Sons of Anarchy” ended Reveals First Look


Apple TV+ finally revealed a premier date ShantaramCharlie Hunnam’s debut series since 1993. Sons of AnarchyEnded in 2014. The show was in development for many years. Production has faced many challenges, including switching showrunners and COVID delays. Shantaram will air on Friday, Oct. 14th. Each episode will be available weekly until December 16. Apple TV+ shared the first image of Hunnam for the series.

Shantaram The film is based upon the novel Gregory David Roberts. Hunnam stars as Lin Ford. The series begins with him traveling to Bombay 1980s, in an attempt to escape the trouble he was running from. Karla is a young, mysterious woman who forces him to choose between freedom and love. Shubham Saraf is joined by Elektra Kilbey, Faysal Bazzi and Luke Pasqualino.

(Photo by Apple TV+).

Steve Lightfoot is the showrunner and Eric Warren Singer is the creator of the series.Maverick is the Top Gun). Justin Kruzel was Hunnam’s director. True History of The Kelly GangDirector of the first two episodes, and executive producer. Bharat Nalluri was the director of the Charles Dickens biopic Christmas invented by the Man Who Invented ItHe also directed episodes. Paramount Television Studios and Anonymous Content’s AC Studios produced Shantaram.

Roberts’ novel, published in 2003, attracted immediate attention from Hollywood. Warner Bros. owned the screen rights at one time, but the project was made into a TV series after Paramount and Anonymous Content acquired the rights. Apple TV+ revealed that it was involved. June 2018This would be the streamer’s first international production. Singer was hired as a showrunner in 2018. He resigned in February 2020. Filming started in October 2019. However, production was delayed when it moved to India for the monsoon season in February 2020. Further delays were caused when the coronavirus epidemic hit, and the principal photographer didn’t finish his work until December 2021.

During a stop The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Hunnam recalls the many problems that he faced during the initial shoot. Hunnam stated that he had experienced a “lung infection, which turned into a sinus infection,”The actor then developed conjunctivitis in the eyes. He also had strep throat and an ear infection. “bacterial gut infection.”He also received “dengue fever”After a mosquito bit him. Hunnam gave his credit “impeccable personal hygiene”This is the main reason he experienced all of these problems. “I think my immune system was too delicate because I’m too clean,”He made a joke.

Hunnam was a star on FX as Jax Teller. Sons of Anarchy. His film career has taken many interesting turns since 2014 when the show ended. From attempts to run a franchise to his current exit. Legend of the Sword: King Arthur  Triple Frontier to making indie dramas like Junglel and Z: The Lost City. In 2019, he was last seen on the bigscreen. The Gentlemen

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