Charlize theron claims that she dated another actor after being single for 7 years. Dubious gossip.


Is it?Charlize Thron Are you thinking of dating again? According to one tabloid, Theron found love on set of her new film. Here’s what we know about Theron’s new beau.

‘It’s On’ For Charlize Theron’s New Romance?

This week A New Idea Charlize theron has a surprising affair with her, according to reports Fast X Jason Momoa is Jason’s co-star. “Sparks are flying,”Insiders reveal that Momoa was a close friend of Theron during his separation from Lisa Bonet. “They were drawn to each other on the first day of filming,”The tipster trusts. “It’s obvious he’s in awe of her… There is definitely chemistry between them.”

Charlize Theron is a dating partner?

Theron recently posted an Instagram photo that supports this rumor. The photo shows Momoa and Theron snuggled up in a friendly embrace. This picture certainly thrilled fans who commented.

This post and the aforementioned article are not all that important. Momoa comments about Theron being “amazing,”We don’t believe that anything romantic is in the offing. First of all, Momoa has just announced his separation with Lisa Bonet. It’s not even clear at this point if he’s moved out of their shared home. Given their two young children, it is clear that they are trying to make the separation as peacefully as possible. So, even if Momoa was interested in Theron—which we don’t have any evidence for—we doubt he’d be rushing into anything serious so soon.

Charlize Thon Chasing Jason Momoa

Furthermore, Theron famously doesn’t date. Drew Barrymore heard her tell that she didn’t like dating in 2020. she hadn’t seriously dated anyoneIn over five years. “I don’t long for that much,”She spoke. “I can honestly say this, on my life: I don’t feel lonely.”She said that any potential partner would also have to agree with her. “come with a lot of game” because she isn’t going to settle for anything less than the best. So, we really aren’t buying this idea that she’s already eyeing up Momoa. Theron just met him, and he hasn’t even filed for divorce from his wife yet.

As for the picture Theron shared, we’ll say this: Momoa has a reputation for being one of the nicest actors in Hollywood. He’s universally beloved by all of his co-stars, and this single friendly photo is just a drop in the bucket for the Aquaman star. We’re sure Theron and Momoa became fast friends because that’s just how the actor rolls. But as for any romance, we’re going to need a lot more proof before we start making our “Jarlize” shirts.

The Tabloid About Momoa & Theron

Naturally A New Idea It has previously misunderstood Momoa as well as Theron in previous stories. The outlet reported that Theron had feuded with Jennifer Aniston back in 2020 over Brad Pitt’s interest. The outlet then claimed Jason Momoa was at “war”Chris Hemsworth. Given the tabloid’s misses in the past, we definitely aren’t buying its latest tale.

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