Charlize Thon Confirms That She Will Never Be As Famous as Kim Kardashian


Charlize Thon may have won an Oscar, and is a star in one the most successful action films in the world. However, she accepts that she will never be a household name. “Kim Kardashian level.”A new interview was conducted with Haper’s BazaarThe Monster star stated that she is now accepting the fame and fortune she has achieved. Theron, 47, also talked about how her star power didn’t help her get the projects that she wanted.

“I feel like I’m at a place where it is what it is,”Theron shared his story Harper’s BazaarWhen you are asked about fame. “Working more isn’t, I think, going to change my level of fame. It just has always been a mediocre ride. I’ve never been one of those people that’s at a Kim Kardashian level. But I feel like it’s just always been this thing.”

Theron said that star power has declined. In the past, actors wanted to be well-known so that they could pitch any pitch. Theron doesn’t see it that way anymore. She found the positive side of this. “…Now it’s like, I pitch s— all day long and people are like, ‘No, thanks.’ I’m like, ‘I guess that’s not cash in the bank anymore.’ And that’s nice,”Theron stated. “It’s nice that you’re making things on the merit of how good they are versus this idea of, like, ‘Oh, you’re this thing, and we want to be in business with that thing.'”

Theron’s performance in FuriosaMax Max: Fury RoadShe was a key figure in the new phase of her movie-stardom as an action star. She starred in Netflix’s 2020 movie, “Action Movie Star.” The Old Guard She joined the Fast and furiousFranchise as Cipher In F9 Last year. Recently, she started to work. Fast XFilming is also underway The Old Guard 2. Theron is also a producer The Old GuardThe sequel.

“There’s a natural fight in me to want to create environments that feel like the things that I wish I had 30 years ago when I started,”She told Harper’s Bazaar. “I don’t always get it right… but I am very aware of looking at the big picture and saying, ‘Is this really the best we can do?'”Produced on The Old GuardShe is proud of the fact that 85% of the cast and crew consisted of women.

Elsewhere in her new interview, Theron said she worked with one director early in her career who made her go through multiple costume fittings to sexualize her character. She said that she didn’t have any control over the clothes she wore. Men around her made final decisions.

“When I started, there was no conversation around it,”She recalled. “It was like, ‘This is what you’re wearing.’ And I remember one movie in particular, this male director who just kept bringing me in, fitting after fitting after fitting after … And it was just so obvious that it was to do with my sexuality and how f—able they could make me in the movie. And when I started out, that was just kind of the norm.”

She was also inspired to launch her own production company, Denver & Delilah, after making Monster Christina Ricci and Patti Jenkins, director. She believed the film’s producers wanted it to be a “hot lesbian movie”Ricci. Theron was determined to protect Jenkins’ vision of the film, which is a dark drama about serial killer Aileen Wuornos. Theron was forced to complete a physical transformation for the role, and she won an Oscar. Since then, she has received two Oscar nominations. North Country2005 Bombshell (2019). 

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