Charlotte Dawson loses three stone after becoming ‘on the bringe of diabetes’


Ex On The Beach star Charlotte Dawson has amazed fans with before-and-after shots of her weight loss of three stone following a diabetic scare

Charlotte Dawson’s fans were quick to congratulate the star after she posted before and after photos on Instagram, showing her remarkable weight loss of 3 stone.

The famed 29-year old, who became famous after appearing on MTV’s Ex On The Beach, said that she had to lose. “some serious timber”She was. “on the verge”after the birth of Noah, who is now one.

Both pictures showed Charlotte wearing her underwear at the foot a staircase. The star emphasized that she was happier in the first photo, but that she felt much better in the second.

In an address to her 1.3million followers on the social networking platform, she stated: “I know a lot of people can carry extra weight and not have it threaten their health, but sadly for me that wasn’t the case.

“Sorry if this is an offense to anyone. It’s just a fact.” she said. “After having my son, I was at the brink of Type 2 diabetes. I had to shed some serious timber in order to avoid the doctors.

“Thankfully I was able to do it without starving myself or over doing it in the gym. I’ve been helped by some amazing people and found a way that helped me lose over 3 Stone and still eat all the sexeh grub I love. Plus I got to dance round my front room and have a right laff [sic] with my lovely Mrs Motivator.”

Many fans were quick to commend one another: “You have done so well and are inspiring so many people!”

A second: “You look stunning in both pics, but good for you for prioritising your health and well-being. What an inspiration.”

A third response was: “You have worked so hard and you look amazing. I bet you have heaps more energy now as well.”

After discovering that she was due with her second child, the star announced last month that she had suffered a miscarriage.

She wrote this message to her fans, who were worried about her absence on social media. “Unfortunately I’ve suffered with a miscarriage. Obviously our families and close friends have known about me being pregnant, but didn’t announce anything until I got further down the line. I was so excited to share our happy news with you all.

“Noah’s little brother or little sister, as you can imagine Matthew and I were absolutely over the moon our little family was going to be growing. It was also Mother’s Day when I found out, which was so wonderful. Sometimes it is just not meant to happen. I thought it was, but it wasn’t this particular time. “Miscarriages are so common that they’re not often talked about enough.”

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