Chase Chrisley answers the question on Growing Up Chrisley


Chase ChrisleyHe is ready for the next step in their relationship Emmy Medders.

E! News Sneak Peak at Growing up ChrisleyIn’s Oct. 19, episode, reality star invites his girlfriend to Nashville for a date night to ask a crucial question…but it’s not what you think.

“I kind of feel like everything in my life is kind of just like falling into place, finally,”Chase confesses in a confessional. “I got lucky with Emmy because I definitely do not deserve a woman like her.”

While enjoying their meal, Chase begins to set up his big moment by reflecting on his and Emmy’s relationship journey. “You and I have been doing so good and growing up,”He says it to her. “And I feel like it’s kind of time for us to move forward, take the next step.”

He then pulls a black velvet box from his pocket—but instead of an engagement ring, inside is a silver house key. Emmy’s surprise sparks joyous laughter as she is both thrilled and annoyed by her boyfriend’s proposal.

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