Chase fans expect a permanent shakeup after the show’s first.


Chase fans demanded major changes to the ITV show’s lineup. Bradley Walsh announced a series first.

Bank Holiday Monday’s episode of May 2 saw Boris, a talented actor, shock both Darragh ’The Menace’ Ennis and viewers at the home. He had won The Chaser in the final chase.

Going home with an impressive solo prize pot of £4,000, Boris was informed by host Bradley Walsh that his historic win – securing 18 points in the final chase alone – was a show first.

Following his historic win, Boris was also praised and congratulated by Darragh.

The Chase fans have demanded a huge change to the ITV show's line-up
Chase fans demanded that the ITV show’s lineup be drastically changed.

Darragh, Congratulation Boris! “That was outstanding!

“Amazing answers and great ideas. And you didn’t panic.”

Posting their reactions to the memorable episode on Twitter, The Chase fans also weighed in.

While praising Boris as one of the ‘best contestants the show has ever seen’, viewers called for the record-breaking player to join the series as a “”New Chaser”

Viewers of the ITV quiz have insisted Boris join the show as a 'new chaser'
Boris was urged by viewers to join ITV’s quiz show as a “new chaser”

One fan wrote: “A very worthy winner, and a new Chaser if ever they want one.”

Another comment: “Just watched Boris on The Chase and think that he should become a Chaser! What a performance.”

A third one said: “Boris is mint! He should be a Chaser, one of the best contestants I’ve ever seen.”

A fourth was added: “Boris could be a future Chaser.”

There are currently a number of different quizzers acting as Chasers on the ITV series
The ITV series Chasers currently has a variety quizzers

“Boris to be the new Chaser,”Another conclusion.

A huge scheduling shift meant Monday’s episode was aired at a later hour.

Tipping Point, a Rival Game Show, moved to the slot occupied by The Chase at 5:30pm. Bradley’s show aired instead at 6:30pm.

Fans weren’t happy about the change and took to Twitter to vent their frustrations.

One wrote: “Can we fast forward to #TheChase Now Please [sic].”

The second was: “Hang on…. Where’s #TheChase? Why is boring old #TippingPoint on instead?”

While another person weighed in: “It might be late, but #TheChase is starting now.”

The episode’s Chaser, Darragh ’The Menace’ Ennis posted photos to Instagram and asked his followers to pray for him.

The Chase is broadcast weekdays at 5pm (ITV)

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