Chase viewers are distracted by contestants with unique names who appear on show


Chase viewers took to social media to comment on the bizarre group of names, many saying it was a joke.

Bradley Walsh hosted the ITV Game Show on Monday evening. There were four contestants who had something in common.

All of the names of the participants in the program had a nature theme. They were called Tree, Bear, Autumn, Bear, and Robin.

After the names were revealed, fans went wild. Many took to Twitter to share their excitement.

One of them said: “The Chase are surely on the wind up with those contestants names.”

Bradley Walsh presents The Chase

An additional: “Mad collection of names on the chase there. Autumn, Tree, Robin & Bear”

The third is penned “Whoever picked these contestants on #thechase definitely lined these names up on purpose Rolling on the floor laughing.”

Und a fourth wrote: “Robin, Bear, Tree and Autumn….are we having a laugh? What’s this about? These names can’t be real names for humans, and if so, having them on can’t be a coincidence #thechase #itvthechase”

The viewers laughed at the list of names.

A fifth said: “Just tuned in.” #thechase. What do those ???” names mean?

Another replied, then tweeted: “Was thinking the same but they just explained it, it’s for climate week or something”

Bradley then explained why bosses selected the lineup, which was to commemorate Climate Week.

Autumn participated and won the first round

Today’s team included Autumn, 35, a Burnley-based data examination manager and Tree, 48, a Hove-based travel consultant.

Bear, 71 is a retired maths teacher in East London. Robin, 27, is a policy manager from Richmond.

Joker Bradley teased Autumn, who was pregnant and due next year – suggesting that she should name her baby ‘Spring.

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The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV