Chayce Beckham, winner of American Idol, discusses her debut EP “Doin’ it Right” ahead of Show Return (Exclusive).


To much fan excitement and joy, he shared details about his debut album last year. American Idol Chayce Beckham won the first EP. Beckham’s career has only started to rise since he won top honors on the 19th season. The groundbreaking reality series has been a landmark in country music history. He has since been referred to as one of the most exciting new artists to watch in 2022. The 26-year old Beckham has a distinct bluesy-rock voice and an innate talent for songwriting. He worked hard during the pandemic to create the EP, which features six tracks. Doin’ it RightYou can now download and stream the movie.

Exclusive interview with about his return to the stage American Idol Beckham spoke on Sunday, April 17th about the debut release and why the EP’s six tracks are perfect for summer listening. “It’s such a good feeling to finally put music out. I’ve been waiting for so long,”PopCulture was informed by him. “I’ve been writing. I’ve been working very, very, very hard, and I think that it’s a rewarding feeling to finally have some of your work out there and for people to listen to it.”

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It was, admitting it “really hard”Beckham chose six songs out of all the songs that he was working on. He admits that the rush to complete it all is what drives him. “getting started”In the industry. “I’m super thrilled to start with this one and then get back in and record another one and keep on putting music out for people to listen to. My favorite part of the job was getting to share this stuff,”He said.

Beckham said that the album is filled with country-inspired tracks and that the fun, easygoing country vibe was one of the biggest goals he had in making it. “something that people could listen to this summer,” while also creating tracks that everyone could relate to. “I think that there’s a lot of common ground talked about on the EP and stuff that just everyday people can listen to and just say, ‘Hey, that’s me.’ So for me, that was kind of it. I just wanted everybody to be able to enjoy the listening experience and really tune into the songs and put them where they apply in their life,”He added, “It was,” “really hard”To nail. “We had so many songs and there’s some that I’m like, ‘Man, I wish that it made it on there,’ but it didn’t, but we’re still playing them live.”

Currently touring with country musician and former American IdolBeckham, who is performing with Jimmie Allen and Luke Combs this Fall, reveals his love for performing “Where the River Goes”It’s the first EP he released. He shared how it was also the song that he opened his set with. “It’s just such a good energy song and it’s just so much fun to play and sing and that’s probably one of my favorite ones that we got to get on there.”Beckham also includes how “Talk to Me”It is his favorite song on the EP, and the chance to perform it live is all he hoped for. “I love getting to do that one live too,”He said. “We played it live for about — I don’t know how long — maybe seven months before we ever recorded the song. So we tested that one a lot, and the audience usually liked that song, so we decided that we were going to record it.” 

Beckham will no doubt be busy touring the U.S. this spring and summer and sharing his music, but he will be heading home to the American Idol stage, announcing that it will take place on Sunday night “incredible”Moment to return. “I literally love everybody on that show, everybody who’s involved, from the COVID officers to the PAs, to the security guards, to the guys who build the stage, everybody, the executive producers, the judges,”He smiled. “Going back there and getting to see everybody and hug them all and squeeze them, it’s one of the best things in the world. So I’m looking forward to going back.”

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This moment is a turning point. “fun experience”Beckham, a native Californian, believes in returning to Idol is like “seeing your family again,”Especially after all the time they shared together. “It’s awesome to get to go back, see them all in person and know that everybody’s happy and healthy and doing well and that makes me super happy. I always look forward to getting to go back and share some time with them.”Beckham came in to mentor the contestants for the show’s 20th anniversary season. He said it was an honor. “cool thing” to do. “To kind of just share — whatever I’ve learned on that journey, get to directly, share it with them — because of COVID last year, we didn’t really get that too much, so I thought it was really cool this year, how they brought all the people back to come and visit and talk to them and I think that is going to really help out some of the experiences of the contestants this year.”

Praising Idol for doing a “really awesome job”Beckham was humbled to be able to help them promote their talent, and get their respective careers off of the ground. “I’m very grateful for them. They’ve done nothing but helped me with my career and keep it going too. They’ve let me come back and sing “23” and like you said, Sunday, I’ll be promoting Doin’ It Right on the show and it’s like what more support could I ask for?”

More information on Chayce Beckham is available here Visit his official websiteDo it Right is Available now at all digital retailers and streaming services like Amazon, Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify and more. You can watch American IdolOn Sunday, April 17, Chayce will perform “Doin’ It Right”8.30 p.m. ET on ABC ET on ABC