Check out How Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas celebrated their wedding anniversary


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Joe JonasSophie Turner and Sophie Turner don’t need to have cake by the sea to celebrate their union.
The “Sucker” singer and Game of Thrones alum commemorated their third wedding anniversary in the most chill of ways: By spending most of the evening cuddled up together at home. Joe was married May 1. Shared a video of him and his wife—who are parents to 21-month-old daughter, Willa and currently expecting their second child together—with text that read, “Hey guys what are you doing for your 3-year wedding anniversary?”
The adorable Instagram caption by the 32-year old was captioned by Sophie. It featured Sophie and his reactions to trying to guess different Teletubbies’ names. “This is how you party kids. #wegotmarriedinvegas.”It’s important to note that they did not spend the CompleteEven though the couple was at home for the occasion, they were only able to go out for dinner at Emilio’s in New York City a few hours earlier.

Sophie and Joe were shocked when they tied their knot in Vegas in May 2019. This surprise ceremony was held after the Billboard Music Awards. Joe then had a bigger one in Paris. (Clearly SomeoneI was taking notes.