Check out the trailer for HBO Princess Diana Documentary, The Princess


HBO will be televising The People’s Princess’s rise and fall. 

The public life Princess Diana—from her ill-fated marriage to Prince Charles to her shocking death at the age of 36 in 1997—is chronicled in the upcoming HBO documentary The Princess, premiering Aug. 13. 

The trailer opens with footage from Diana’s 1981 engagement interview. Charles recalls Diana when he speaks about her in the clip. “what an attractive 16-year-old she was.”

Diana’s fame and intense popularity are shown through archival footage and clips. One reporter says, “The princess has been the best thing to happen to the monarchy in centuries.”

However, her husband seemed to be jealous of her admiration, according to one reporter. “The prince realizes he’s taking second place.”

The documentary focuses on Diana’s turbulent relationship with the media. It examines how public scrutiny led to many people who loved her turning against her.

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