Chef claims that we all make mistakes when cracking eggs – correct technique makes more sense


Mike Hayes demonstrated an easy and quick way to crack eggs without dropping egg shells into the bowl. The trick was appreciated by some viewers but not all. “won’t work”

A chef has shown us how to crack eggs correctly – and we were all doing it wrong.

Mike Hayes shared 3 tips that can be used by any chef, regardless of their skill level. Silver Screen Beat Reports.

He used TikTok to upload the photos under his account @stoveandgardenAnd he said that you don’t have to mess up your kitchen every time an egg is broken out. All you need is a flat surface.

Mike stated that if you crack your egg on a flat surface like a kitchen counter, it is more likely that the egg will break so that there is no shell.

What do you think about Mike’s trick?” Comment below…

He explains TikTok: “I’m sure you have seen people drop the egg and then no eggshell comes out.

“It’s important to crack eggs on a flat surface. You’ll be less likely eggshells to form.”

The expert also gives tips on seasoning meat – suggesting you should pour the spices in a bowl and use them to coat ingredients for extra flavour.

“This happens all the time with steak. People will season their food, then rub it in, then flip it and then season it again,” he said.

“It just makes your seasoning container all nasty.”

The third tip is to help keep the workstation clean – and by that Mike means it’s best to keep all the food scraps in one place.

The hack was appreciated by his fans, while others were surprised to discover these simple tips.

“The tips I didn’t know I needed,”One.

A second writer wrote: “Honestly, I don’t get the flat egg cracking. I can’t do it – crushes the shell into the egg and gets pieces in it every time.”

An additional third: “No way with the eggs! So cracking them on the edge of the bowl might have shell in my batter? I learned something today.”

However, others were less skeptical about the tip. One commented: “I have heard of the egg cracking tips, but for me it’s the opposite.

“When I crack on a flat surface, I get more shell.”

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