Chefs share tips for making mince pies – from adding raspberries to using bread


If you’re anything like us then you’re already craving your first mince pie of the Christmas season.

Buttery, rich pastry encasing spiced, sweet fruit is the perfect treat to pair with a cup of tea or hot chocolate (or mulled wine, shh).

But, some store bought mince pies can be disappointing to say the least. So why not set aside some time at the weekend and get stuck into making your own?

They’re not so tricky once you get the hang of it.

If you do fancy trying to make mince pies then you’ll want them to really stand out for your friends and family.

We spoke to two top chefs to find out their tips for making mind-blowingly good mince pies.

Make your own mince pies and impress your friends
Make your own mince pies and impress your friends

SORTEDfood have made their own version of mince pies using sliced bread instead of pastry.

It’s a fun one to do with the kids or if you’re scared of pastry work.

Ben Ebbrell, chef and co-founder, said: “Take slices of white bread, cut out rounds that fit into your mince pie tin (any individual metal pie/tart tin) then butter one side generously with melted butter and scatter with sugar that’s been mixed with a little cinnamon or mixed spice.

“Place butter side down in the tins, fill with pre-bought mincemeat and cover with another buttered and sugared round of bread as a lid, again sugar side facing outwards.

“As they bake, the outside toasts and goes crisp and golden. An easy win!”

Add icing on top and some nutmeg too
Add icing on top and some nutmeg too

Meanwhile, Jaume Biarnes had some advice to share too.

Jaume was previously the culinary director at Alicia Food & Science Lab and was formerly et El Bulli, receiving up to 1,000,000 reservation requests a year. He is now head chef at Yondu’s Culinary Studio in New York.

He commented: “Once you have made the pastry, give it a rest overnight to avoid shrinking during baking!

“Plus, smash some fresh raspberries into the mincemeat for a fresh, tangy and different touch.

And, you can add some extra depth to the mincemeat mixture with some umami to complement the sweetness of the dried fruit. I like using Yondu, all-purpose umami seasoning.”

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