Chelsea fans protest Ricketts family’s bid to clear the Stamford Bridge


The Stamford Bridge faithful have been vocal in opposing the possible ownership by The Ricketts, who are also the owners of the Chicago Cubs.

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Chelsea fans protest Ricketts’ ownership bid

Chelsea fans have shown their support for the team and are not happy with The Ricketts family’s ownership of the club.

Since Roman Abramovich, a close ally of Vladimir Putin’s Russia, was sanctioned by the UK government, the Blues have been on the market since then. There are many potential suitors for the Oligarch.

The Ricketts Family has been long in contention to be the new Chelsea owners. They are well-known baseball fans and will have a good understanding of how the Ricketts’ family operates due to their tenure as Chicago Cubs owners. Due to several leaked emails dating back years, they are not the most popular of all the bidders.

Joe Ricketts was the family patriarchy and was found to have described Muslim communities as “my enemy”One email was sent in 2010 After the emails were published, he issued an apology. But the saga has caused obvious concern about the family’s suitability to be the owners. As the scenes outside proved, a fair number of match-goers don’t believe so.

Blues fans were seen singing before the Saturday 3pm match at Brentford. “You’re not wanted here, you’re not wanted here – f*** off Tom Ricketts, you’re not wanted here.”Tom is the family member leading the bid for the club.

Tom addressed the concerns in writing with a statement: “Over the past fortnight, our bid team has met with several supporter groups to explain our vision for Chelsea football club. In those meetings, and by letter to all groups, we have shared a set of specific commitments we will make to fans, if our bid is successful.

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“These are broad-reaching commitments that we believe include an absolute commitment by the Ricketts family as well as the bid team to diversity and inclusion at all levels of the club. We look forward to meeting with the Chelsea Supporters Trust over the next days, and to making public reaffirmations of our values.”

In response, the Chelsea Supporters’ Trust released a statement of their own. “The CST last week stated that Ricketts family must immediately and publicly address concerns of supporters – particularly in regard to inclusion, considering past and current statements made by family members. We committed to conducting a survey of our members to find out their support and confidence in the Ricketts family’s bid for Chelsea FC.

“Yesterday (April 1), we conducted a snap survey of our membership. We asked our membership whether, based on information in the public domain as of April 1, they had confidence that the Ricketts family would run an inclusive and successful club, and we asked whether they supported the Ricketts family’s bid.

“72% of those who responded do not currently have confidence that the Ricketts family would run an inclusive and successful club, with 5% believing they would. Similarly, 77% of members who responded do not support the Ricketts family bid for Chelsea and 3% of respondents are in support.

“It is crucial that Chelsea FC’s new owners show respect for our values and have the confidence of our supporters. It is evident that the Ricketts family has no support or confidence in our club’s bid. This is a reflection of larger concerns expressed by large, vocal parts of Chelsea’s supporters.

“The CST Board is guided by our membership, and thus we do not currently believe it is in the best interests of our members for the Ricketts family’s bid to succeed.

“We wait to hear more from the Ricketts Family about the concrete steps they will be taking to address the well documented concerns of Chelsea supporters. If the Ricketts families make clear and specific plans regarding how they will address support concerns we may ask our members to take another survey in the coming week.

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