Chelsea is forced by sanctions to reduce spending on travel and hotels.


On Wednesday night, Chelsea will face European rivals Lille in France. They could have to accept accommodation and budget travel after Roman Abramovich was sanctioned.

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Roman Abramovich has been added to the UK’s list of sanctions

The budget travel and accommodation costs for Chelsea’s Champions League match against Lille are expected to be minimal.

Following Russia’s invasion last month of Ukraine, Roman Abramovich (billionaire owner) was sanctioned Thursday morning by the UK government.

The assets of the Russian oligarch have been frozen and Chelsea has been granted a restricted sporting license from Boris Johnson’s cabinet.

Chelsea are only allowed to spend £20,000 on travel for away games, which is believed to be much less than the club usually spends.

Although it is believed that there is some flexibility in the limit for European games’, it’s not clear how much the government will concede.

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According to Hugo Scheckter – the founder of Player Care, a support service for footballers – away day travel for a Premier League fixture costs around £30,000.

Clubs are required to cover travel costs, which can include flights, security, food, and lodging. The traveling party will consist of at least 20 people, plus coaches, administrators, and other staff.

“Going abroad, don’t see how they can do anything other than either commercial flights or drive their bus & significant drop in standard of hotel,” tweeted Scheckter. “[It] will make a big impact… and even £30,000 is a bit conservative.”

Chelsea is unlikely to travel by coach or in a hotel room at a low price, given the severity and impact of the sanctions.

CHELSEA LIVE UPDATES – Follow the latest news and fallout as Roman Abramovich has been sanctioned.

These restrictions are still being negotiated by the club. The club could allow players to pay their own travel, accommodation and food costs for away games.

Chelsea have yet to speak out about Abramovich’s sanctions. They are also not sure how they will continue with running the club.

Blues fans are worried about the future after news of the billionaire’s sanctions broke on Thursday morning.

“Given the significant impact that today’s sanctions would have on Chelsea football club and the potential knock-on effects of this, the Government has this morning published a licence which authorises a number of football-related activities to continue at Chelsea,”You can read the government statement.

“This includes permissions for the club to continue playing matches and other football-related activity which will, in turn, protect the Premier League, the wider football pyramid, loyal fans and other clubs.

“This licence will only allow certain explicitly named actions to ensure the designated individual is not able to circumvent UK sanctions.

“We will closely work with the football authorities to ensure that the licence is always under review.”

Culture secretary Nadine Dorries added: “We are issuing a special license to ensure that the club continues to compete and function. This will allow fixtures to be fulfilled and staff to be paid. Existing ticket holders can attend matches. However, Abramovich will not be able to benefit from the club’s ownership.

“I know this brings some uncertainty, but the Government will work with the league & clubs to keep football being played while ensuring sanctions hit those intended.

“These clubs are cultural assets that form the foundation of communities. We will protect them.