Chelsea news: Blues could have “debt for 50 years” as Premier League expulsion looms


According to Lord Sebastian Coe’s estimates, Chelsea could end up in significant debt if they don’t sell soon. They could even be kicked out of the Premier League

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Nadine Dorries MP says Chelsea is on a ‘borrowed period’

Chelsea could be left with high-interest debt “for the next 50 years”Lord Sebastian Coe warned.

Roman Abramovich put the club up for sale following Russia’s invasion Ukraine. After his alleged links to Vladimir Putin, the UK government placed sanctions against the Russian billionaire.

The club can’t process financial transactions due to the sanctions and must operate under a special operating license. Sir Martin Broughton had attempted to purchase the club, but Lord Coe was not able to do so. He has now warned the Government that he will soon find a solution to the problem.

The club is on the brink of being expelled from the Premier League. Sir Jim Ratcliffe, who was trying to purchase the Stamford Bridge outfit, has spoken out. “not giving up” over his £4.25bn offer.

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Sir Jim Ratcliffe breaks silence

Sir Jim Ratcliffe insists that he is “not giving up”His bid to buy Chelsea.

Even though the Todd Boehly consortium was given preferred bidder status, Britain’s richest man still has hope to buy the club. That news came just as Sir Jim increased his offer to buy the Blues to £4.25bn.

According to the director at INEOS, his offer was accepted “rejected out of hand”Raine Group, a US bank that was responsible for the sale of the club. Raine was told by Ratcliffe that they shouldn’t “close any door”As he encouraged them to take his offer seriously,

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Premier League expulsion looms

If their takeover is not approved, Chelsea could be expelled immediately from the Premier League.

The purchase appears to have stuttered in recent days amid reports that Roman Abramovich is considering a U-turn on his promise to write off the club’s £1.6bn debt. After the sanctions imposed on Abramovich, the club has been operating under a special license. This licence expires May 31.

The Premier League will meet eight days later to discuss details for next year’s season. It is possible that the club could be expelled if a deal cannot be reached.

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Lord Coe warns

Lord Sebastian Coe warns Chelsea about possible debt “for the next 50 years”If the Government isn’t “really clear what it wants”The club’s sale.

American billionaire Todd Boehly co-owns the LA Dodgers and has been granted preferred bidder status. According to reports, he will have until Friday in order to close a deal. Other groups may be able to make offers to Raine Group, which could delay the sale of the club.

Lord Coe warns that the financial consequences of Chelsea being unable sell tickets may leave the club with significant debts if the purchase is not completed within the next few weeks.

The complete story is available here.

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