Chickfil-A’s Testing Drive-Thru Switch Could Increase Your Orders


Chick-fil-A has finally come up with a drive-thru solution for those who order their chicken on the chain’s mobile app and want to get their food as quickly as possible. Chick-Fil-A announced last week that they are testing an express drive-thru line for customers who order via mobile devices. This will be implemented in Atlanta’s headquarters.

“The express drive-thru lane is a game-changer for our busy customers and our team members,”Jonathan Lassiter was a senior integration leader for Chickfil-A’s Service and Hospitality group. WSB-TV. “By giving guests the opportunity to order and pay ahead through the Chick-fil-A app, checking in at the dedicated lane becomes a seamless experience, making the express drive-thru lane a convenient new option.”Chick-fila did not announce when the express lanes would be offered in other locations. Fans outside Atlanta will have patience.

Once a customer orders on the Chickfil-A app they can select their preferred restaurant. “own adventure,”According to the company. They can pick up their order either at the counter, or in the express drive-thru area. You can also order in. No matter what method they use to place an order, all customers will receive the same rewards and points.

Chick-fil-A has tested several ways to get customers in and out with their chicken sandwiches as quickly as possible recently since two drive-thru lanes are often not enough. A January special was offered by Chick-fil-A. Reddit user shared an image of Chickfil-A’s latest Chick-fil-A. near them that had a drive-thru window that was also built like a door. This will make it easier for employees to get in and out quickly, while also making it easier for customers. TikTok users also shared videos. The conveyor belts that were usedQuickly get the food from kitchen to customers

In September 2021 Chick-fil A chairman and ex-CEO Dan Cathy spoke to the Atlanta Business Chronicle Some of the high-tech improvements haven’t solved the traffic problems that Chick-fil A locations cause. This is a strange problem for a company. According to them, 30% of potential customers will skip Chickfil-A stores if they feel it is too busy. Cathy stated that opening Chick-fil A stores near other popular ones is not an easy task.

“We found that doesn’t solve the problem,”Cathy said. “It is a huge well, which makes us realize how much growth potential we still have here in the U.S. There’s a big drive-off factor: We estimate about 30% of the people are driving off, driving away, because the lines are so long. So there’s a lot of growth here in the U.S.”

Chick-filA has also returned a favorite Chick-fila treat for the summer. The hand-spun Peach Milkshake, which was last month’s bestseller, has been reintroduced to the menu. The Chickfil-A Icedream dessert is topped with whipped cream and peaches. It was introduced in 2009.

“Our Team Members are consistently asked by guests when their favorite seasonal milkshake, like the Peach Milkshake, will be back on the menu, so we want to continue to make this a yearly tradition for them,”Leslie Neslage is director of Chick-fil-A’s menu and packaging department. June. “At the same time, we want to keep introducing new flavors, so we continue to work on developing new and exciting seasonal offerings, in hope of creating future fan favorites.” 

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