Chris Cuomo, Don Lemon Reportedly ‘Locked In Bitter Feud’ Over CNN Firing, Unreliable Sources Claim


Are you a former CNN anchor? Chris CuomoAnd his ex-colleague Don Lemon “locked in a bitter feud”? Recently, a tabloid claimed the two were “no longer speaking”Lemon refused Lemon to defend him as he fired Chris from CNN after he was accused of sexual misconduct allegations against his colleague and claims that he lied to CNN to help his brother, an embattled former governor of New York. Andrew Cuomo. Gossip CopThe rumor is investigated.  

Chris Cuomo, Don Lemon ‘Brothers’Are You a Winner?

“Sour Cuomo Thinks Lemon Is the Pits!”The headline is taken from a recent issue of the National Enquirer. According to the tabloid, Chris Cuomo was fired by CNN in December following allegations of sexual misconduct and claims that he lied about his own sexual assault allegations to the network. 

His rep denied the allegation that he committed sexual misconduct and called the charges a sham. “not true”Chris expected Don Lemon, his ex-co-worker and CNN anchor, to either defend him or mention him on-air. They were once friends “close as brothers”A supposed insider insists, but they are now “are no longer speaking.” 

A ‘Slap In The Face’Chris Cuomo

According to tabloids, Lemon, 55, has rejected Chris’ mentorship of his former peer at 51. “blow up his career to defend Chris!”Source: Another so-called “insider” revealed Chris’ reaction to Lemon’s apparent snub, snitching, “This was a slap in the face for Chris.”The tipter also added: “He was even there for Don when he revealed he was gay and again when sexual assault allegations were made against him in court!” 

Lemon Guilty of Similar Sins

Lemon was also attacked on social media following his report on Jussie’s conviction for fabricating a hate crime, without noting that the former Empire actor had testified in court that he’d learned about the Chicago police investigation of his story through a text from the Don’t forget Lemon tonight host. “It infuriates Chris that Don abandoned him, especially since he’s been accused of the same things that got him fired,”The second source was concluded.   

Gossip Cop’s Take On The Rumor

Let’s be clear: The cases between Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo are not “the same things”None at all. Lemon didn’t help Smollett with his case false hate crime case, which is exactly what Chris did with his brother’s sexual assault case. And this is despite the allegations of the Get in touch, Chris wasn’t fired from CNN over the sexual misconduct allegations, though the charges were made public the same day as the former anchor’s firing. Chris was already suspended for his actions in helping Andrew Cuomo with sexual assault allegations. 

It’s clear that Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo have enjoyed working together over the years, with the two hosting a podcast, The HandoffTogether, for most of 2021. While Lemon has refrained from mentioning Chris on-air, that’s not in and of itself evidence of a rift between the two. Lemon could be trying to be respectful and tactful of his former colleague. It’s just like the Get in touchYou can read the worst about a situation without much data.

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