Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky share rare glimpses of twin sons


Chris HemsworthThe premiere of Thor: Love and ThunderTogether with his family. He is Elsa PatakyHe brought his rare twin sons along to the red carpet. SashaAnd Tristan. Let’s learn about the whole Hemsworth clan and their unique connection to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Chris Hemsworth Family Primer

Hemsworth and Pataky were introduced by William Ward, his talent agent. The spark was immediate and the couple got married in December 2010. Hemsworth was the star of their careers in 2011. ThorPataky in Fast Five

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Their daughter, India, was born to them in 2012. They had twins, Tristan and Sasha, just a few more years later. It was a surprise to see their twins on the red-carpet. The couple worked hard to keep their children’s identities private. They had a great reason to attend, though.

Keeping ‘Thor’The Family

Tristan and Sasha look so adorable on the red carpet. Sasha is wearing black, just like her parents. Tristan’s hair looks like the God of Thunder. India didn’t attend the red-carpet/ This was the first time Hemsworth & Pataky had brought the twins to a premiere. They seem to be having a great time despite the cameras. Perhaps they are following in the footsteps their parents.

A Pair Of Movie Stars

The Marvel Cinematic Universe isn’t just Chris’ domain: the entire family appears in Thor: Love and Thunder. Sasha plays the Asgardian Kid while his twin brother is the Kid Thor. It is likely that his naturally long hair played a role in the casting decision.

India plays an important role in this film. Spoiler Warning: She plays Love the villain Gorr The God Butcher, played by Christian Bale. She’s the titular “Love”While her father places the “Thunder”In Thor: Love and Thunder.

Pataky also plays a small role in the film, which is a tradition in the movie. Thor franchise. In the new film, she plays the role of a Wolf Woman and Thor. Thor: Ragnarok. As a fun piece of trivia, she actually was a stand-in to Natalie Portman. Thor: The Dark World. It must have been nice to have Hemsworth as a child. He can act alongside his wife and children in blockbuster films worth billions of dollars. While Thor: Love and Thunder is receiving middling reviews, it’s still a safe bet to be a big hit.

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