Chris Wallace Blames Media Distrust On “60 Minutes”


Veteran anchor for news Chris Wallace, formerly of Fox News, has laid the blame for the public’s distrust of media upon a surprising source. Wallace has been vocal about his ex-employer since he left Fox News. However, he believes that the current lack trust in media is due to an older news program with a special connection to Wallace’s family. 

Chris Wallace appeared recently on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert where he and the eponymous host discussed the public’s lack of trust in the news media, and where that distrust comes from. Wallace was asked by Stephen Colbert. “There has been a lot of talk about loss of trust by the American public in the media. If you had a magic wand, you could wave it, what would you change, either presently or historically, about the media to try to restore that trust?” 

It might have been a difficult question for anyone else to answer, but thanks to Wallace’s many years in the newsroom, not to mention his familial history, he came up with an astounding and surprising answer on the spot. ​​“In a funny way,” Wallace answered, “I blame my father for this, Mike Wallace and 60 Minutes.” 

The response clearly threw Colbert off, and he laughingly suggested that Wallace was throwing his late father under the bus, but that wasn’t his intention at all, he explained. Instead, his response was more about the effects. 60 MinutesIt had on the news media and the long-lasting consequences. 

“It used to be in the old days, and I can remember growing up with my father in the ’70s, that news didn’t make money. It was a public service, and the networks viewed it as a public service,” Wallace explained. “And then 60 Minutes came along and showed you could make phenomenal amounts of money with the news business.” 

That larger emphasis on chasing ratings and profits, rather than a focus on the important news of the day, has to change if the public’s faith in the news industry is to return, Wallace continued. “I think when you look at what goes on everywhere, probably particularly cable, and on the left as well as the right, people are chasing audiences,”Wallace stated. “So I think that if there was not — if people just accepted, we’re not trying to make money off this, we’re just trying to perform a public service, I think we’d have better news.”

Take a look at the clip below

There’s definitely wisdom in what Wallace says, and his long and storied career in the news industry lends a lot of credibility to his words. It’s not too late to follow his lead and make a difference in the news world, but this time it will be for the good. After all, if there can’t be a consensus about the facts, we’ll all find ourselves in a more dangerous and confusing world.

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