Chrissy Metz, Star of ‘This is Us’, shares her 10-year challenge


This is Us Star Chrissy MetzTo participate in the 10 Year Challenge, Metz took to Instagram. The results were astonishing and many people shared their amazement at the photos. Metz, who rose stardom on the hit NBC program, has made a lot of changes over the past ten year. 

Metz Shows Off Stunning 10-Year Difference

The side-by-side photos show off Metz’s style evolution, from clothes to hairstyle. “I am still obsessed with makeup it’s just that now I know how to apply it,”In her caption, she made fun of herself. Metz can be seen in the older image showing some serious winged eyes. Also, her hair is darker and curlier. She’s wearing a pink tube shirt and a choker. 

Metz was a star on This is Us for the last six years, but that’s soon coming to an end. The critically-acclaimed show is airing its final season, and fans aren’t the only ones who are sad to say goodbye. 

Metz: ‘This Is Us’Role ‘Completely Changed My Life’

“Ain’t nobody mentally prepared [to say goodbye]. You can’t be!” Metz told Page Six on the red carpet for the show’s premiere at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles. “I personally cannot be mentally prepared for something that’s completely changed my life in ways that I never, ever, ever thought it would.”

Justin Hartley, who plays Metz’s brother on the show, along with Sterling K. Brown, agreed, saying, “I’ve decided I’m not going to say goodbye to him. Nope, I’m going to keep my trailer here, and I’m moving in! He’ll be with me forever, I think.”

Obviously, it’s sad to think that you’re not going to play Kevin Pearson,” he continued. “I love him, and I love playing him. I love this family, I love the show, but life goes on. And we have a lot of good stuff coming up for you all.”

Season Six Plot twists

That “good stuff”The plot twists are numerous for the characters. Metz teased what’s coming next for her character, Kate, after the Season 5 bombshell revealed that she and onscreen partner Toby split — and that Kate’s preparing to walk down the aisle with someone new. 

“Oh, [Kate’s] gonna have a season!” Metz shared. “I think that’s what’s so amazing, is the way that they both have impacted each other’s lives. You keep that with you forever. You’re forever changed by moments and memories and people.”

“So, I think they’ll always be in each other’s lives and always respect and love each other,”She continued. “But the unraveling, it’s going to be hard, and I think people are going to understand that nobody’s right, nobody’s wrong. It’s like, you either grow together, or you grow apart.”

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