Chrissy Teigen Called ‘Super Tone Deaf’ After Hosting ‘Squid Game’-Themed Party


Chrissy TeigenIt seems that she is on a quest for all the badwill she once had. The canceled former Twitter star held a party this week in the style of Netflix’s Squid Game. People are angry because the series is a subtle commentary on class warfare.

The Big Party

Squid GameKorean survival drama of the style Battle Royale. It was released to worldwide critical acclaim and became one of Netflix’s most popular shows in recent memory. The series clearly focuses on economic struggle and class disparity as well as the horrors of capitalism.

It could be wrongly criticized to throw a party with your wealthy friends in the fashion of the show. Teigen was distraught after being bullied on Twitter and had just done exactly that. Teigen was upset that she had to face bullying consequences on Twitter. Need to satisfy your hunger?This week, author shared photos of her living the dream with friends in the spirit of the series.

Be mindful Squid GameIt is about poor people fighting to survive in exchange for a cash prize. Teigen is a Millionaire millionaire many times over, and her husband’s loaded too.

Tone Deaf

This party recalls Marie Antoinette. “let them eat cake,”Only Antoinette never said that. Teigen was actually able to throw a party at her wealthy friends’ expense, basically dressing up and acting as poor people. Teigen started sharing photos on Instagram about the party to get attention and likes.

The party was not very well received. Fans were not impressedThe whole thing was called by. “cringe” “tone-deaf.”Naturally, Twitter was full of criticisms.

This is just one of many bad looks Teigen has received. 

Others wish to be as ignorant or as naive as she is.

There is no right way

It’s almost part of Teigen’s brand at this point to flaunt wealth. After being embroiled in the bullying scandal, she ran to Italy. One can’t really be surprised by Teigen being tone-deaf at this point.

To be fair to Teigen, she’s not alone in this regard. Squid GameThis led to everything from Roblox servers being hacked to crashing to parties on elite college campuses. It was only natural that many wouldn’t exactly get the point. However, given Teigen’s immense wealth, this is still pretty distasteful.

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