Christian Bale captivates fans with his ‘Thor, Love and Thunder’ role


Thor: Love and ThunderThe premiere of this movie was held this weekend and it is attracting a lot of attention from fans who are obsessed with Christian Bale’s Marvel Cinematic Universe debut. Bale is the movie’s villain Gorr The God Butcher and shows no signs of slowing down in his melodrama and style. Many fans think Bale is the best part of the movie, regardless of what they think of the film as a whole.

Love and ThunderThis is the fourth standalone Thor Movie in the MCU, and the second directed Taika Waititi. After the success of Thor: RagnarokFans were divided on whether the movie lived up to their expectations. This is the current status of the movie at the time this was written. Love and ThunderHas a 68 percent positive rating Rotten TomatoesAn average score was 6.6 out 10 The average score was 6.6 out of 10. General audiences were slightly more accepting with an average score of 81 percent.

These numbers come from the opening weekend. Every experience is different. It looks like Love and ThunderThe sequel won’t be praised with the same enthusiasm as the original. Bale’s performance can, however, help boost ratings. Here’s how Bale has been received by fans so far.


Bale was the most loved character in the film, surpassing all other returning and familiar characters. Many ranked him as one of the MCU’s most memorable villains.


Carry the Team

Some joked that Bale took on more responsibility than he expected in this movie. Bale was feeling the pressure of success and the rest of the cast were taking it easy.


Bale Fans

Bale fans who have been around for a long time were happy to hear that the film’s highlight was their favorite actor. Many others also started creating new memes with Gorr the God Butcher screenshots.



Some fans were disappointed that the movie Gorr was not depicted in the same way as the comic book Gorr. interviewed Bale about this.


Cut Scenes

Fans were heartbroken for the scenes cut from the movie, as much as they loved it. Many of them have been discussed in interviews, and many fans hope to see them on the DVD special features.


Too Short

Finally, many fans complained that Bale did not get enough screentime in this movie – especially as the highlight of the film. Thor: Love and ThunderThis film is currently in theaters