Cincinnati Cop Injured by ‘Pure Evil’ Hand Tattoos


After hearing these words, a Cincinnati officer in police has been fired. “pure evil”According to authorities, he was tattooed on both his hands.

Eric Weyda was a veteran of 16 years in the force. He was fired for violating department policy against hand, neck, or face tattoos. Weyda was a 16-year veteran of the force. He was fired in April for violating department policy that prohibits face, neck and hand tattoos. “pure”He inked his right hand. “evil”To his left WLWT-TVThe report was based on police reports that were obtained as part of a public records search.

Weyda appealed his dismissal, and filed a grievance through Cincinnati’s Fraternal Order of Police union.

“The FOP represents all Cincinnati police officers when they participate in the grievance process outlined in our collective bargaining agreement. Every officer is entitled to a fair hearing and that’s what will take place here,”Sgt. Dan Hils, in a statement

Administrators were responsible for writing the departmental internal reports. “Officer Weyda’s tattoos are a violation that is ongoing and permanent,”According to the station, According to the records, tattoos were also listed. “do not promote the professional and neutral image”These are the officers of the Cincinnati Police Department. “injurious to the public trust.”

According to records, the officer was initially assigned to the impound lot of the department to reduce his exposure to the public. However, he was eventually let go.  

Weyda stated to internal affairs investigators that tattoos were meant for a symbol of a “struggle between good and evil,”According to WLWT-TV’s reports.

The report stated that he expressed regret at the marks, but that he wouldn’t have them removed as it was too costly.

According to the station, his official reasons for being fired were insubordination, and poor behavior. The internal reviews also mentioned poor performance reviews between 2018 and 2021.

According to the documents, Weyda was commended in 2012 and 2013 for his investigative skills as well as for apprehending a criminal with a gun.