Cindy Crawford’s Niece, Lark Skov, Reveals the Supermodel’s Hilarious Reaction to ‘Claim to Fame’ Appearance (Exclusive)


Even Cindy Crawford’s own niece, Lark Skov, learned something new about her supermodel relative during her time on Claim to Fame. The 24-year-old got sent packing in Monday’s episode of Claim to Fame after making it to the final four on the ABC show before her fellow celebrity family members guessed she was related to Crawford. Following her elimination, Skov opened up to PopCulture about the experience, including her aunt’s hilarious response to the lie detector test challenge in which Snoop Dogg’s name was dropped. 

“[Crawford has] been watching. She thinks it’s funny,” Skov told PopCulture of her aunt’s response to her time on the show. “I think the funniest text I got from her was after the lie detector challenge. She sent me a picture of her and Snoop Dogg together and was like, ‘I do know Snoop Dogg, we are friends.’ That was fun.”

Skov had just graduated college when she got the DM asking her to audition for Claim to Fame, and Crawford was immediately supportive of the idea. “She was the first person I called. I was like, ‘Can I do this and should I do this?'” The supermodel assured her it would be a “great experience,” which she said falls in line with the family’s “competitive” spirit. 

“We’re a very competitive family. Whenever we do family vacations together, we always play a lot of games,” Skov shared. “She was really into the idea in that it was a game and a competition.” While Crawford didn’t offer any advice right off the bat, when Skov was just about to leave for filming, she assured her niece, “Have fun and be yourself,” Skov recalled. “Definitely have fun and be yourself, but give it your all.”

It was tough not making the final three alongside L.C., Logan and Pepper, but Lark was “very proud” she made it almost all the way to the end. “I knew going in that I’d be good at concealing my own identity and throwing people off with that, but I was way more nervous about figuring other people out, just because my knowledge of other celebrities isn’t great especially compared to some of the other people in the house,” she told PopCulture. 

Overall the experience was an interesting bonding session for people who both had very little and a whole lot in common. “I think what’s kind of cool about this group of people … is kind of like, none of us are famous. None of us have had to deal with that before, but it’s like all of our relatives are in the spotlight all the time and always being watched and don’t have a lot of privacy,” she explained. “Being in that [Claim to Fame] house a way for us to experience that in a way of being watched and not having privacy. I think that was a little part of the show in that way.” The Claim to Fame finale airs Tuesday, September 6 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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