Claire King of Emmerdale vows not to age disgracefully as she celebrates 60 years


Claire King, Emmerdale actress celebrated her 60th birthday January 10. She spoke out about her thoughts on ageing during a recent chat.

Claire is most well-known for playing Kim Tate on The CW. She has been the villainous character ever since her debut in 1989.

Enjoy an exclusive chat OK!Claire shared her thoughts on ageing and the things she’s looking forward to. “embrace”The next chapter of her life is about to begin.

She stated: “You’ve just got to roll with the punches, embrace it, learn to love yourself and just be grateful that you’re still here, because not everyone gets the privilege of turning this number.

Claire King
Claire King says that she embraces turning 60. “age is just a number”

“I do fully intend to grow old disgracefully! At the end of the day, age is just a number, so you have to accept it and think, I’ve got all this wisdom and knowledge.

“I continue to do yoga, and I’m still flexible. I take each day as it comes, and see what happens.

Claire also stated that she has no regrets about her life.

Claire King
Emmerdale first saw her in 1989.

She shared: “Sometimes you think you should have made different choices, but I don’t regret anything. It’s brought me to who I am now and where I am now.”

Claire left the ITV soap and returned to the Dales in 2018, 38 years after her first appearance on the Dales.

The soap star spoke out about her 60s and said that she has fulfilled many of her life goals.

She stated that she was lucky to have seen everything, which is what it means to be an actress.

Claire King
Claire and Peter Amory were together for 10 years, but later split in 2004.

“Now I feel like I’m at the Thelma & Louise stage where I’m willing to just put my foot down on the accelerator and embrace whatever comes my way.”

Claire, in addition to her Emmerdale role, also played the tough-talking Karen Betts on the critically acclaimed drama series Bad Girls, 2000-04. She has also appeared in programs such as The Royal and Holby City, as well as Doctors.

Claire admitted that the 60th anniversary celebration she had was quite low-key. Due to Claire and her partner being susceptible to Covid, she celebrated the occasion with a meal at an Italian restaurant. However, she plans to celebrate more in summer.

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