Claire Richards, Steps actress, says she has ‘everyday struggles’ to slim down


Claire Richards, Steps star, has admitted that she still struggles with her body image. She also admits to having gone from being ‘dangerously thin” to ‘obese’ in the past.

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Claire Richards tells us what she did prior to Steps

Claire Richards, a Steps member since the age of 18, has opened up about her struggles with body images.

The 44-year old singer is now a household face thanks to her time with the ’90s band. She previously talked about her struggle with her body, and how it influenced her music. “dangerously thin”To “obese”.

She admits it’s still a challenge. “struggle everyday”She was determined to keep her slim figure but also admitted that she had struggled with weight since her early days as an artist.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor was the first to hear all of it, and she shared them via her Spinnin’ Plates podcast. “All my issues started when I got into the band.

“Steps was not the first band to be put on a diet.

“The day of the audition for Steps, they said they wanted me but wanted me to lose weight.”

She continued: “I’m better now but it is still something that is in my head every single day and I think also knowing the things that we had to deal with, was airbrush.

“I can recall going to a meeting years back, and the record company tried to persuade me to do FHM. They came with two photos and said that this was the photo – the one they had airbrushed – but that this was what it looked like before. So, look at what we can do, and we can make it look like this. That was the selling point.

The mother-of-2 went on to describe how she feels about it “difficult”She revealed that children these days have easy access editing tools on their smartphones and that she has used them to create a number of illustrations. “complicated”Relationship with food

Claire added: “I don’t remember it when I was a kid, we had three meals a day, I don’t ever remember my mum being on a diet.

“It wasn’t something that I had growing up. I was very athletic at school and always had large legs and a large bum. I didn’t realize it was an issue until I started work.

“I’ve gone from being dangerously thin to obese and I honestly do believe it’s all part of the same, if it’s an eating disorder, it’s one extreme to the other.”

And she acknowledged that many people do have a tendency to do this. “lack of understanding”Over what causes people to be overweight, it is not always because they are lazy.

Claire previously shared that she went up to size 20 after splitting with Steps. In 2017, Claire lost six stone.