Clever pooch amazes dog owners with natural talent in playing tennis andping pong


Cocker spaniel Leo, a Cocker Spaniel, is showing Wimbledon stars how it’s done by his amazing ‘hidden talent for playing tennis against Emily Anderson, 31, of Scotland.

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Cocker spaniel dog, cleverly learns how tennis is played

After showing a natural talent for tennis, a talented cocker spaniel gives Andy Murray a run for the money.

Leo, a two-year-old dog, has learned how to hold the racket handle between his teeth.

Dog owners want to know his training secrets. But Emily Anderson, 31, who is the owner of Leo’s racket, says that Leo was already able to figure out what she wanted when she gave it to him.

Amazing footage captures the dog leaping to hit the ball around the yard and in the backyard.

It even shows his running ability, just like a tennis player.

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Emily, a Scottish dog trainer, purchased the racket when Leo expressed an interest in ping-pong.

She said: “He’s a natural. This [inside the house] was his first ever try.

“I ordered the tennis racket and a handle. It arrived. I opened the box and handed it to him.

“I was round at a friend’s house and we were speaking about what else we can do with Leo. She said ‘tennis’, I didn’t think he’d manage as the ball is so heavy.

“As in ping pong, I asked him not to move, gave him the ball and he hit the ball for the first time.

“He just knew what he was doing, it really surprised me. I sat there for five minutes like ‘what the hell just happened?'”

Emily has taught Leo painting and CPR. Emily hopes Leo will be able to learn how to play tennis.

“He learnt to play ping pong last May. It’s very similar to ping pong but a totally different shaped racket to fit in his mouth,”She spoke.

Since the beginning of Leo’s teaching Leo tricks, Leo has been able to pick up things quickly and amaze Emily.

“He might not quite give Andy Murray or Rafael Nadal a run for his money but it’s fun. It makes people smile,”Emily said.

Emily says she now receives messages from other dog owners asking for her training secrets, after Leo’s inspiration.

She explained: “I’ve had quite a few messages asking how I trained it but I didn’t really, I just handed him the racket.

“We train about 10 minutes each time, three times a days. If he’s been on a lot of walking, we may skip it but otherwise, it’s usually three times per day.”

Their tennis video on Instagram has now been viewed more than 19,800 times and received more than 1,300 likes.

Another dog sharing his surprising talent online is five-year-old dachshund Bosco, who can carry large sticks up to ten times the size of him.

The mischievous little pup is obsessed with seeking out the biggest stick in the park and will often obstruct walkways, but nobody ever gets annoyed with him – he’s far too adorable for that.

Bosco has a loyal following online with over 1.3 million fans on TikTok, and has even started his own dog stick trend.

Owner Luccia Rodriguez, 24, based in London, told The Mirror : “Bosco loves to carry big sticks. He thrives on attention and making people happy.

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