Clint Eastwood almost gave up acting after starring in an early western he hated.


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Calling Clint EastwoodIt would be an understatement to say that a successful actor is a huge success. The Fistful of dollarsStar is a pop culture icon. He almost quit the profession just as his career was beginning. Here’s what happened.

Eastwood’s Early Days

William Bradford arrived on the Mayflower in America. Twelve generations later, his descendant Eastwood was baptized in San Fransisco on the 31st of May 1930. He was not an excellent student and often got into trouble as a child in California. Eastwood was drafted into the US Army during the Korean War. This prevented him from enrolling at Seattle University. A former partner revealed that Eastwood was a lifeguard during this conflict.

Eastwood started his work at Universal Studios and fought for small roles in movies. Eastwood’s trademark of speaking through his gritted teeth was not well received. His debut feature film was in 1955, in horror films. Tarantula! Revenge of the Creature. He is here shooting the giant tarantula.

Both roles went uncredited, but he did get his name on the Donald O’Connor comedy Francis in the Navy. Although he knew the roles were unprofessional, he was still earning $75 per week. This would amount to approximately $800 in 2022 dollars.

Bad Times

In an interview at the Loyola Marymount University School of Film & TV, Eastwood discussed His early career was filled with depth. He stated that his goal was to achieve “to learn what acting was all about in front of the camera.”He took theatre classes that helped him prepare for auditions.

However, he was soon dropped by Universal and forced to act as a freelancer. His career reached a low point in 1958 when he was given third billing. Behead at Cimarron Pass. Eastwood calls it “probably the worst film ever made.”

The western was so terrible that Eastwood started panicking about his future. “I went to see it and I saw that film and ‘I said I’m through. I’ve got to go back to school. I’ve got to do something else, I’ve got to get a job of other sorts,’”Eastwood spoke.

Fate Steps In

He said it just as Eastwood was about to quit the film industry. “I accidentally ran into somebody out at CBS on Beverly Boulevard and they were doing a Western called Rawhide. And they cast me as one of the leads.”

RawhideEastwood’s life was transformed. He was the lead actor in a popular series and his performance made waves all over Hollywood. He soon became a star in films like Paint Your WagonHe began working with Sergio Leonne on the iconic Man With No Name. This is his role in the DollarsTrilogy gave him the top billing the first time, and the rest is history, they say.

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