Close Call for a Base Jumper Who Slammed Into Rocks after Parachute Failure


After experiencing a parachut malfunction while jumping off a cliff, an Arizona base jumper is lucky to still be alive.

Johnni Dijulius was 29 years old and flying at 50 miles per hour when his parachute opened. The parachute suddenly became twisted, and he crashed into the rocky cliffside. This terrifying incident was captured on camera.

“My number one goal was to keep my head from hitting. I didn’t want to get knocked out,” Dijulius said.

The daredevil continued falling, and used his feet as braces. He landed in a rock crevice about 50 feet above the ground, and untangled his own legs. He grabbed his phone and called his friends, who had already landed.

“I can climb down, but I’m going to have to ungear. It’s going to be sketchy,”Dijulius spoke to them.

He climbed down the cliff without safety harnesses or ropes. He jumped into some bushes after he reached about 10 feet above the ground. Luckily, he wasn’t injured.

Dijulius has done some jaw-dropping feats such as jumping off buildings and bridges.  He said he would base jump again, even though it was a close call.


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