CM Punk Injured. AEW World Championship Future Revealed


CM Punk’s emotional confession at Friday’s AEW RAMpage changed everything. The company’s future plans will be drastically altered in the coming months. Punk, in tears, admitted that he had been injured and needed surgery.

Punk announced that he had a special announcement to make for tonight’s Rampage by AEW shortly before the show. Punk was only one week removed from winning the title when he discovered he needed surgery. Punk’s injury wasn’t immediately clear. Forbes reported however that it was his legApparently, he injured it when he made his first entry as AEW Champion on Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite.

“The get-back will be better than the setback,” After making the heartfelt announcement, Punk speaks to the camera. “I told you I was going to go until the wheels fall off, well the wheels are still there. They haven’t fallen off. It’s just that one of them happens to be broken.”

He said that he feels a lot better now than he does right now, but that he has felt worse. He made it clear that he was not going away and would be back. It wasn’t clear how Punk would exit the AEW and what that meant for his title.

The injured star suggested that someone else would be able to take his place. However, confusion arose over whether he was resigning or keeping the title until his return. Sean Ross SappThe title is officially still Punk’s for the moment, even though he was among the ones who were confused to begin. Or is it? It was still confusing but people know it will be sorted by next week.

Punk’s injury will keep him sidelined and allow for an interim champion to be chosen at Forbidden Door. The battle royal will determine the winner of Dynamite’s next episode. The battle royal winner will face Moxley, the #1 contender at the moment, before going on to Forbidden door later in June to face Hiroshi Takaashi for the interim title. CM Punk will face NJPW legend Tanahashi at the joint Forbidden Doors show. The seeds of the match were planted on Wednesday. The situation could change at any time, and it is possible that this will happen.

Who will take the initiative to make this happen? Many have already pointed to MJF following his explosive promo which ended with a big f— to Tony Khan, AEW head. Although the storyline is still unfolding, it is clear that the company has many potential champions. To say that they are stacked would be an understatement.

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