CMT Awards Make Hilarious Changes to the Red Carpet After Kelsea Balerini’s COVID-19 Diagnosis


Kelsea Ballerini couldn’t make Monday night 2022’s Nashville Municipal Auditorium appearance. CMT Music Awards after she tested positive for COVID-19, but that did not stop her from walking a red carpet. CMT installed a temporary red-carpet outside her house, complete with backdrop, and it was hilarious! Ballerini, Kane Brown, and Anthony Mackie will co-host and perform on the show virtually.

“When you can’t make it to the carpet, so they bring the carpet to you, and it just happens to be in your driveway, outside of your garage… Anything is possible, y’all,”In her Instagram Story, Ballerini shared the story with fans. Ballerini’s red carpet companion was her dog, which is appropriate. National Pet Day. She wore a Michael Kors white suit. Molly Dickson dropped off for her.

Monday morning Ballerini revealed to fans that she had tested positive for COVID-19. “The bad news is that a couple of days ago, I tested positive for COVID and the CMT Awards are tonight, so, unfortunately, I cannot be there in person anymore,”She said it in an Instagram Video. She is, thankfully. “feeling a lot better,”CMT and her crew set up equipment in her home so that she could perform. “Let’s make some lemonade together out of these very bitter lemons,”She added. Brown joined Mackie at the last minute to be an in-person host.

Interview with PopCulture.comBallerini stated that before COVID forced her to withdraw, she was happy to take part in the CMT Awards since it was the only country music awards show where fans could vote. “This year, it’s going to be bigger. I’m excited that I get to wear all the hats, perform, host, all the things,”Ballerini stated. “I’ve realized something about myself. I live in my head. I’m a huge overthinker. When I actually have a lot of hats to wear, I don’t have time to overthink. I just kind of enjoy it more because I’m just in a full sprint. It’s good for me this way, it’s better this way.”

Ballerini was also nominated for Video of the year and Collaborative video of the year. “Half of My Hometown,”She performed her duet alongside Kenny Chesney. Her performance of “The Duet” was nominated by CMT Performance of the year. “I Quit Drinking”Paul Klein with her at the 2021 CMT Music Awards. In 2021 she was awarded CMT Performance of the Years. “The Other Girl”Halsey

Ballerini shared that while some artists don’t like hosting, she is more anxious about performing. “That’s my day job. That’s where I need to put the most focus,”She said. “Then with hosting, it’s just like, I’m just hanging out, talking with my friends. That’s kind of how I’ve always thought about it. I don’t feel too much pressure on that front yet.”

CMT Music Awards live broadcast on CBS. This will be the first time that the ceremony airs live, ahead special content on CMT throughout week. A “director’s cut”CMT will air the ceremony on a later date. The show will also be available on CMT. Paramount+ streaming.