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Loretta Lynn was the country’s best honored with a moving celebration-of-life ceremony at Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry Sunday night. Music City fans can tune in from anywhere else. was fortunate enough to pay our respects and to witness the amazing event. “Coal Miner’s Daughter”She was there in person. CMT cameras captured the evening’s events, but we wanted to provide a glimpse into the small details that could only be seen if you were there.

Loretta Lynn’s Dresses and Fans’ Tributes

Lynn was famous for her beautiful stage fashion.Margo PriceThe legend wore a sparkling gown). His own dresses were also on display for friends, family and fans. There was also a large display of lights and flowers outside the entrance that honored the country music icon.

Faith Hill was clearly moved

Although I don’t know what viewers saw, Faith Hill was clearly moved during her eulogy. Although her remarks were recorded in the prompter, she was unable to stop crying and struggled to get through them. Some scumbags described the moment as “weird”Oder “awkward”The emotion was palpable on television, but it was felt in the room. Hill mentioned in her speech that Lynn was only a few feet from her home, so it is understandable for Lynn to feel moved.

Alan Jackson’s Message Came From The Heart

Everybody on a TV special receives a prompter, regardless of whether it is necessary. This prompter guides them through the prepared remarks. Sometimes things can go completely off-script. Alan Jackson’s speech was one such moment. Even if he was slated to speak, he shared his story — about how his friend Loretta was so much like his own mother — from the heart before singing his song “Where Her Heart Has Always Been.”

Jack White Didn’t Want a Prompter

Jack White sang to honor his friend and collaborator, dear friend. “Van Lear Rose,”He produced the title song for his 2004 album. The prompter was discarded by the White Stripes rocker who jammed through the song without any problems.

Jack White started the Ovation for Loretta Lynn’s Family

Speaking of White, I thought it was very telling that he was one of The first people— if not the first person — to stand up and applaud Lynn’s daughter Patsy Lynn Russell and granddaughter Tayla Lynn. He was one of the first to stand, and his reaction provoked a standing ovation from other Opry attendees. Much has been written about White’s attitude over the years, but this respectful gesture made it clear how much the Lynn family means to him.

Brandi Carlile Shoutes the Audience

White, Wynonna and George Strait did not receive the best crowd response. Brandi Carlile completely wowed the audience with her cover of “She’s Got You,”It was the No. 1 hit song. Lynn and Patsy Cline were both No. 1 hits. Carlile’s stage presence and vocals were amazing, drawing a raw and elated response from all those present. Loretta was sure to be proud of her.

The ceremony was also recorded. Coal Miner’s Daughter: A Celebration of the Life & Music of Loretta LynnCMT will air “The View” again Wednesday at 8:pm. ET, and Sunday at 11 a.m. ET ET.

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