CNN Supposedly Looking To Poach Joe Scarborough and CBS Hosts; Threatening to Replace Current Anchors, Network Gossip Claims


CNN wants to shake up its business model? According to rumours, CNN is trying to restructure its network and looking for outside talent. Here’s the latest network gossip from the tabloids.

CNN Wants to Replace Chris Cuomo with A Famous Face

The following February, the National Enquirer CNN reported Gayle Kings was being considered by the network as a replacement for Chris Cuomo. “CNN threw the kitchen sink at Gayle,”Insiders dished. Sources said the network hoped King’s squeaky clean reputation would help “pull in a new audience and erase the stain of disgrace he brought to the network.”

CNN was right to have its attention on King at times, but that could also be said about any other major news channel. King has been in high demand lately, but it doesn’t look like she was swayed too far away from CBS. We knew that this story should be taken with a grain. Get in touch Was reporting on King’s forced departure from CBS.

CBS is Safe, but what about MSNBC?

Then, Get in touch reported that CNN was actually changing course, and headed straight for MSNBC’s Morning Joe. Apparently, new CNN exec Chris Licht had a history with the program’s stars Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, and he wanted to poach their star power for his new network. “When CBS hired Chris, he wanted Joe and Mika to head up his morning show, but they couldn’t get out of their deal with NBC,”The tipper was revealed. “Now, he’s trying the same trick at CNN, hoping this time he’ll pull it off.”

While we acknowledged that anything is possible Brzezinski, Scarborough appeared pretty calm over at MSNBC. The pair’s previously 3-hour long morning show was recently extended for a fourth hour, meaning that the network was handing them a huge chunk of their programming. Since then Morning Joe had been at MSNBC since 2007, it’s clear that the pair’s loyalty wouldn’t be easily bought.

CNN Warning Reporters To ‘Clean Up Their Acts’?

Then, Get in touch reported that CNN needed to bring in some new talent fast after Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon’s wild behavior on their respective New Year’s Eve broadcasts. “This is what CNN has become — a clown show,”An insider is charged “The network cannot afford to have its marquee talent look bad on the air… Both Don and Anderson have been warned to clean up their acts or face the consequences!”

After looking at the incident, however, it became clear that Lemon and Cooper had nothing wrong. First of all, everyone’s complaints about Cooper’s broadcast were actually about his co-host Andy Cohen. Although the Bravo star was given a slap on his wrist, he was eventually invited back to the NYE broadcast. Lemon’s drinking was a joke, but most people found his rambling hilarious. Overall, it was clear that while CNN didn’t love these displays, the reporters’ jobs weren’t in jeopardy.

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