CNN Tried To Replace Chris Cuomo With A CBS Anchor, According To Report


Chris Cuomo left a cushy seat behind when CNN fired him over the winter. One report offers unparalleled insight into who the network is eyeballing as his replacement. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Gayle Force!’

According to the National Enquirer, Gayle King was CNN’s first choice to take over for Cuomo. An insider exclusively says, “CNN threw the kitchen sink at Gayle.” The hope was that King’s prestige would help “pull in a new audience and eras the stain of disgrace he brought to the network,” the insider explains. She rebuked the network.

CNN’s allegedly been scrambling for months to repair its reputation thanks to Cuomo’s ignominious exit. King cunningly leveraged CNN’s interest into a higher contract from CBS. She’s set to make $13 million per year and has increased leeway to make specials and documentaries. She’s essentially given herself a promotion. CNN is left at square one.

Flip Flopping Its Ire

It’s true that there was interest from CNN to sign King, but there was interest from every major network. What’s more, the Enquirer claimed just weeks ago that King was being forced out the door due to low ratings on CBS Mornings. It completely botched that story, so it’s choosing to shift its hateful gaze from King onto CNN.

Obviously, the Enquirer did not mention this all-important previous story it would have shattered its supposed credibility. King successfully negotiated a raise from $9 million to $13 million and gets to stay at her home network. Good for her.

Turbelent Times

As for CNN, this story tries to blame lousy ratings on Cuomo alone. The network has always lagged behind Fox News, though the Cuomo situation certainly didn’t help. It now has bigger issues to contend with as president Jeff Zucker was abruptly fired for failing to disclose a romantic relationship with a colleague. King was right to stay away.

The obvious Cuomo replacement would be Brian Williams, but he comes with baggage of his own. Rumors abound about Norah O’Donnell leaving CBS. CNN could always fill his vaunted timeslot internally as well. With multiple ugly scandals happening at once, it looks like CNN needs to completely reassess its standards and programming.

That being said, the Enquirer’s flip-flopping attitude toward King proves this story has no real insight behind it. It’s just studying trends to find the most salacious angle.

Other CNN Stories

The Enquirer has it out for CNN. It recently claimed Cuomo was in a blood feud with Don Lemon, but it had no evidence to back its story. It also reported the network was angry over Lemon and Anderson Cooper getting drunk on the New Years’ Eve special. Watching anchors get drunk is the hook of the programming, so this was completely bogus. In short, the tabloid has a grudge.

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