Coco Rocha is the Supermodel who coaches Project Runway Designers



Supermodel Coco RochaTonight’s new episode of Tonight’s Judges features me as a guest judge. Project Runway, and thankfully for the contestants, she’s sharing some key pieces of advice with them before time’s up and their final designs are due. 

However, in a Project Runway twist, the looks won’t be modeled on a catwalk—instead, the designers have to showcase their styles in a single image by creating a high-fashion look for an editorial photoshoot. 

Coco will be pulling double duty and modeling all the creations, which you can get a sneak peek at in this exclusive teaser. 

She’s seen in the video below meeting designers for a fitting. Project Runway mentor Christian SirianoUp first, in tow Coral Castillo.

“I think you’re going to have to really cut it down,”Christian advises being aware of the restrictions for photoshoots. “Remember Coral, the shot is vertical.”

Coco echoes Christian’s sentiment and tells Coral that Christian is the photographer “has to pull back quite far to get all the details.”