Coco the Chihuahua, Dog Found in Urine-Soaked Bags Near New Jersey Train Tracks, On the Mend After Rescue


A good Samaritan out walking his dog saved a Chihuahua that he said he found in a bag on the ground in New Jersey.

The man was with his own dog near train tracks in Vineland on Saturday when he discovered a rustling bag, according to a Facebook post by the South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter.

According to the shelter, the Chihuahua, who they have since begun calling Coco, was left inside three bags, including a zippered duffel bag.

The Vineland Police Department has been notified of the shelter’s findings, they said. 

“He immediately picked up the bag and brought it to the shelter. Inside was a young female Chihuahua,” the shelter wrote on Facebook. “She and the bags she was in were soaked with urine.”

The shelter shared the story and a video of Coco escaping from the dirty bags she’d been stuck inside, saying that she is “shaken and lucky to be alive.” 

The shelter asked that anyone who recognizes Coco or knows anything about how she ended up where she was found contact the Vineland Police Department at 856-691-4111. 

According to the shelter’s post, Coco is “comfortably resting” at a foster home and is not currently available for adoption.