Cody Rigsby reveals his tips for staying strong during dry January



CR: For me, the past four to five months have been really, really stressful between Dancing with the StarsPeloton, Peloton, and all other things that I am so grateful for. For the three months I was doing, however. Dancing with the StarsTeaching my classes meant that I had no time off. This is not a boastful or exaggerated statement. I had literally zero days off. While that is a huge accomplishment, it also meant I didn’t feel connected to myself. It was a list of things to do, which brought me down.

Anyone who wants to use January to reset or find a way to their life, like me, knows that it all comes down to the intention you place in it. What is the ‘why’ that you’re doing it? It’s about connecting to myself and seeing the things that I need. That is radical self-love, I believe. Dry January is great because it allows you to say no and not to drink. That night out drinking can cause problems with your plans to attend Saturday morning classes or lift weights on Saturday morning. It creates a domino effect.


CR: For me, it is very simple. It’s all about not using my phone in the morning. I don’t want to be on social media or rushing to get to work. It doesn’t matter if I wake up an hour earlier than my scheduled. It’s about taking time for me in the morning.