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Dare coffee is not supposed to be a way to jumpstart your day. Food Standards Australia & New ZealandIt has issued a recall notice affecting several Dare products. Bega Dairy and Drinks Pty. Ltd. recalls four flavors of Dared Iced Coffee, due to possible “foreign matter”Contamination (described as pieces of plastic). Below are descriptions and photos of the affected beverages.

There are four options: Espresso, Double Espresso Mocha and Double Espresso with Sugar Added. Espresso drinks are best-by dates between Oct. 6, 8, 12, 13 and 14. Double Espresso drinks have best-by date of Oct. 6, 8, 12, 13, and 14. The Mocha bottles affected by this ban expire on October 5, 7, 11 or 15. Double Espresso No Sugar Added drinks had the best-before dates of October 5, 7, 11, and 15.

(Photo: Food Standards Australia & New Zealand)

Food Standards, a government agency, says these Dare coffees were exported to Victoria in Australia. “at independent grocery stores including IGA, convenience stores including Coles Express, and smaller independent outlets (i.e., milk bars, cafes, and bakeries).”These drinks may contain plastic pieces, so consumers shouldn’t consume them. Bega Dairy and Drinks Pty. Ltd. at or 1800 677 852 for a full refund. has covered the second Australian beverage recall this weekend. Ballistic Beer Co. was forced by the recall to remove four products: Hawaiian Haze Pale Ale 375mL (with a 375mL IPA), Reef Pale Ale 375mL (with a 375mL IPA), and Hawaiian Haze IPA 375mL. This recall was not due contamination. It was due to secondary ferment. You can find all details about the cans that were recalled here. These recalls are in response to an August beer recall.

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