Coldplay Chris Martin’s New Album Featured His Kids Apple and Moses


Chris Martin Although they may be only teenagers, their parents already has some pretty sweet credits.

Friday, October 15 Coldplay The group’s latest album was not the only treat for fans. Music of the Spheres We were stunned to find that the book featured work by two budding tastemakers: His daughter 17-year-old Apple Martin and her 15-year-old boy Moses Martin.

Moses’s vocals are heard with his famous father during the chorus. “Humankind.”The duo sings the lyrics. “I say I know I know I know, We’re only human/I know I know I know /How we’re designed, yeah /I know I know I know /We’re only human/But from another planet/ Still they call us Humankind.”

Another single is “The Album” “Let Somebody Go, “Features Selena Gomez Apple lyrics and melody co-written “When I called the mathematicians, and I asked them to explain/They said love is only equal to the pain.” (And Selena isn’t the only huge collaboration they book, with k-pop group BTSParticipate in (*()”My Universe.”

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