Cole Barnett Responds To Fan Theory: He Is Related to Season 1 Alum Matt Barnett


You were separated at birth? Fans have noticed a surprising connection between the two. Love Is Blind 3 Cole Barnett and a former star from a previous season. In the pods and beyond, Cole’s frank, playful style has brought comparisons to season 1 star Matt Barnett, who went by Barnett. Many fans suggested the two were related after Cole’s initial episodes aired. Netflix took notice and posted an Instagram photo with side-by sides of Cole, 28, and Matt, 31. captioned, “Every season needs a Barnett.”Both Barnetts are seen wearing blue shirts while they confess to their sins. Netflix’s reality competition series has returned to follow the love lives of 30 Dallas singles. Cole stated that the streaming platform confirmed there was no relationship. “I guess he’s the brother I never knew I had 🤷‍♂️,”He made the comment in an Oct. 20 statement Instagram Story.

Matt, who wed Amber Pike in the finale of season 1.Also, they shared some similarities. “I did live right outside of Dallas for a few years in my early 20s. … Just sayin,”He replied to his Instagram comment. Cole has quickly attracted attention to himself on Instagram. Love is blind Season 3, as one of three new suitors, hoping to find his future partner. The blue-eyed joker is well-known for his shouting. “Where you at, wifey?”As he seeks love in the pods. He immediately connected with Colleen and Zanab Jaffrey. This was a comparison to Matt’s love triangle with Amber (30) and Jessica Batten (30). Colleen, 25 years old, fell for Cole after just a few initial conversations. However, he quickly realized that Cole wasn’t for him as the former ballet dancer was unwilling to talk about serious topics with him. “I don’t want to say I’m shallow or anything but I like to keep things surface-level and fun because that’s who I am,” Colleen explained.

Cole eventually fired the PR strategist. He stated that they would have “amazing sex and hot babies,”But be! “poor.”In the meantime, Colleen met Matt Bolton and became engaged to him. Jaffrey, 32 years old, was proposed to by Cole in the first episodes of season 3. Cole is also a realtor. He established Bdellium Real Estate in August 2019. It currently operates out of the Dallas/Fort Worth Area. Cole worked previously as a youth pastor for San Diego. Love is blind season 3 is currently streaming on Netflix, with new episodes releasing on Wednesdays.

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