Coleen Nolan suggests that men read a sex books for men as she raves about her new lover


Loose Women panelist Coleen Nalan (57) also spoke glowingly about her Tinder boyfriend Michael Jones, and their healthy sex lives – and recommended some reading for men who are struggling to please women.

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Coleen Nolan suggests a sex book for guys to read

Coleen Nolan recommended that men read a sex book to learn more about female pleasure.

Loose Women panelist, aged 57, also spoke glowingly about her Tinder boyfriend Michael Jones, and their healthy sex lives.

Panelists discussed the fact that Bridgerton’s second series would have fewer sex scenes that the first, and the impact that this will have on the show.

Coleen was asked if she was disappointed and she admitted it. “This will surprise you – I don’t really like when there’s too much of that. I like the thoughts of what they’re about to do but I’m more interested in the romantic side, to be honest. I like the flirtation.”

Sophie Morgan, another panelist, continued to ask if TV sex helps relationships. She pointed out statistics which suggest that there could be an “gender pleasure gap”.

She presented figures suggesting that heterosexual sexual encounters are common. It was reported that only 6% of women, regardless of age, say they have always had orgasms in their sex. This is in contrast to 90% of men.

Coleen was shocked at the disparity. She revealed that many letters she received as an agony aunt came from women who claimed that her partner was perfect in every other way, but not sexually.

The women said, however, that sometimes they couldn’t openly discuss it with their partners.

Jane Moore asked Coleen to be her partner. “burns for her”. 

“Oh he burns for me,” Coleen said proudly. “I’m in the minority of all of them.” 

She also added: “I have to say that there are some fantastic books out there that men should read. I was talking about one the other day that somebody read – I won’t say who because they’ll be embarrassed – but it really worked.”

Ruth began: “Telling men how to…”

“Explaining all about the female body,”Coleen stated. “What it does… and it’s for men to learn how to…”

Coleen laughed when she was asked what the name was.

She finally revealed that the book was called “She Comes First” in a cheeky joke. 

“Ok, that’s what we need,”Ruth laughed. 

*Loose Women airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV

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