College student rapist forced himself on another student while she was vomiting in a dorm bathroom.


An 18-year-old student was arrested after he allegedly raped her while she was using a dormitory toilet.

Indiana University student Samuel Elliott was taken into custody by police and charged with rape. He was accused of having sex with the victim while he was on campus drinking.

A probable cause statement as published in the local newspaper The Herald TimesAccording to Elliot, the victim initially resisted pressing charges against Elliot two months prior to the incident but was persuaded by fellow students to do so.

According to one of her friends, he had kept a used condom from that night in the fridge and later gave it to investigators.

Elliot has now been arrested by police and charged with rape
Elliot was taken into police custody and charged with rape

According to the document, the victim had been drinking with seven others at Tater-Thompson’s residence hall when they were asked to leave and had to move to a nearby dorm.

Fox WXIN, a television station, reports that she said to investigators that she had decided to lie down on the ground after she became ill. “extremely drunk” and unwell when Elliot “tried to touch her inappropriately”.

She then moved into the shared bathroom and began vomiting in a toilet. Elliot then allegedly entered and asked if he could have sex with her, and she replied by saying she was too drunk to make a decision.

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After she started vomiting again in the toilet, the victim claimed that Elliot began to lower the bottom of her pants before he began raping.

According to reports, the assault ended after a victim’s friend called Elliot on FaceTime. Elliot then asked Elliot not to tell her friends about it.

The incident was first reported by the police on December 6. Police issued a warrant for Elliott’s arrest on January 20. He was arrested one week later.

Victim Support can provide confidential, free advice to anyone affected by this story at 0808 16 89 112 or via their website.